The Zoweh Allies

Resourcing the Mission
& Aiding in the Restoration of Hearts

Zoweh is supported by three revenue streams—Allies & Donors, Resource Sales, and Conference Registrations. These streams bring important resources to Zoweh and flow into our ministry and mission. Currently, the largest stream is Allies & Donors. 65% of our operating budget flows from these monthly and annual resources. In order to continue advancing the message of Life and Freedom, it is important to grow our monthly, annual, and special events Allies & Donors.

Would you prayerfully consider joining us?

Our team aspires to stay small and, yet, have a large impact. Because we have little overhead—working from homes, coffee shops, and an office-base provided by allies—we are able to utilize monthly resources for enabling our team to work hard, offer their time and skills, as well as take advantage of technology and other environments in which to share the message of Life and Freedom.


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